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Zuryc stays ahead of the curve in making insurance agents, financial advisors and, most importantly, their clients financially successful at every stage in their lives. The key to Zuryc’s results is reflected in its management—seasoned experts from financial services, software technology, government compliance, legal and insurance industries—as well as in its clients, who include many of the world’s leading financial services firms, and independent agents and advisors who trust the endorsements of these industry giants.

Custom Development

We’ll partner with you to design and develop a product that’s secure, easy-to-use, and does exactly what your business needs.

Ready-Made Financial Planning Tools

PlanFacts Financial Planning Tools

Client interactive tools that help financial advisors plan and sell. PlanFacts is a suite of web-based financial planning tools for lead generation, Social Security maximization, retirement planning, insurance needs analysis, estate planning and business continuation. Learn More

Advisor Controls Financial Planning

Tools for financial advisors looking to grow their AUM. Advisor Controls’ Retirement Plan Simulator helps financial advisors deliver a better experience to their customers faster. Learn More

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3 things your Managed Services Provider (MSP) wants you know

3 things your Managed Services Provider (MSP) wants you know

Are you considering bringing a MSP on board? Or perhaps you already have one. Either way, for you to truly benefit from your relationship with a MSP, you need to build a solid bond with them. As a MSP who has been in this business for long, I can tell you the 3...

Don’t make these IT mistakes as you grow!

Don’t make these IT mistakes as you grow!

During the course of IT consultancy, we come across a lot of clients who are not happy with the way their IT shaped up over the years. They feel their IT investments never really yielded the kind of returns they expected and come to us looking to change the trend....