The Value of Managed IT Services for SMBs

by | Jul 24, 2019 | Blog, Healthcare

When it comes to operational efficiency, size doesn’t matter. Big corporations rely on it just as heavily as small and mid-sized companies do. In this digital age, larger organizations also aren’t the only ones that need technology to compete in their markets; SMBs rely on digital advancements to become leaders in their industries, paving the way towards an innovative future. Yet, the one glaring difference between the two is that SMBs don’t have access to the same resources that support their technology use and IT operations. 

Take one look around your office and you’ll notice all the hardware filling your workplace: laptops, desktops, smartphones, servers, and more. Who is in charge of this infrastructure? Traditionally, the responsibility falls either on you or an IT department. However, if you work at a small or mid-sized company, this can be problematic. Having access to the expert IT services necessary to keep up with growing security threats, managing efficient operations, and enhancing connectivity costs a pretty penny. This is where a managed-services provider (MSP) comes in.


Access to a skilled workforce

As an SMB with a tight budget, IT needs are either your responsibility or the responsibility of 1-2 staff members. This may sound like an acceptable short-term solution, but it’s not. First of all, you don’t have the time or experience to manage your own IT infrastructure. Secondly, with a strict budget, you are only able to afford entry-level staff. This a better and more viable alternative than handling it yourself, but an entry-level team member still doesn’t have the experience to keep up with increasing vulnerabilities and security measures. 

A managed-services provider, however, offers a large pool of experienced engineers and technicians—people you wouldn’t be able to afford in-house. At Zuryc, Inc., our specialists work directly with you to support your IT operations, from 24/7 maintenance, software implementations and migrations, application delivery, disaster recovery, and more—all at an affordable cost. As you grow, you need a skilled team that can not only keep up, but can stay ahead of the competition.

Enhanced security

Cybersecurity and data protection are more important in today’s digital world than ever before. In fact, one cyber attack has the potential to put 60 percent of small businesses out of business a few months following the breach. An MSP finds, corrects, and prevents security vulnerabilities, oftentimes even before the company knows it’s happening.

Security threats are constantly evolving, so managed IT services offer another layer of protection against potential threats. At Zuryc, we work with a lot of healthcare organizations that demand the strictest levels of security. Our data protection solutions recognize and protect patient data in emails, documents, and scans. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a better firewall is enough to protect your company.

A more cost-effective solution

Time is money, and if you are spending the majority of your day dealing with IT issues, it’s costing you more money than you even realize. Or, you’re spending your budget on lesser experienced team members when that money can be allocated to a more skilled workforce.

Managed IT services are the best fit for your company, but you must also make sure you are working with an MSP that offers infrastructure you actually need. We offer services on a per-user, per-month basis. This supports a more consistent and agile cost structure.


Zuryc, Inc. understands that IT needs are outpacing the in-house capabilities of SMBs. We have made it our mission to offer affordable services so that small and mid-sized businesses can keep up with rapid change and be leaders in their industries.

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